Diversity content on actuview

June 4, 2024

Since Germany celebrated this year’s Diversity Day initiated by the Charta der Vielfalt last week, and our platform partner actupool has been exploring various aspects of diversity in their Careers Newsletter over the past few months, we thought this would be the perfect time to join in and review what has happened on actuview around the topic of diversity and inclusion over the past year. 👇

  1. International Actuaries Day 2023: The Actuarial Planet – Extending our Wings #IAD2023, Micheline Dionne, Kudzai Chigiji, Cissy Zhang, Roosevelt Mosley I International Actuarial Association
  2. Understanding the Gender Gap at the Highest Performance Level in Leaving Certificate Higher Level Mathematics, Adrian O’Hagan, Bríd Quigley, Jennifer Loftus, Hamsa Venkat, Meighan Duffy, Bríd Horan I Society of Actuaries in Ireland
  3. Diversity and Inclusion – A Look at Our Global Profession, Tonya Manning I International Actuarial Association
  4. Inspire Inclusion – Celebrating International Women’s Day, Niamh Gaudin, Bríd Quigley, Brian Grimes, Emma O’Mahony, Linda O’Sullivan I Society of Actuaries in Ireland
  5. Diversity of Thought – Episode 14 | A Twist to Diversity and Inclusion: Inclusion in a Hybrid Work Environment, Lesley Traverso, Cathy Lyn, Roseanne Harris, Tonya Manning, Mitesh Sheth, John Robinson, Julia Lessing I Series „Diversity of Thought“
  6. Transforming the Understanding of Inequity and Inequality, Hugh Miller, Laura Dixie I actuview
  7. Socioeconomic Diversity – Pathways To the Profession, Michael Fitzgerald, Selina McCoy, Lisa Padden, Kathie Orr I Society of Actuaries in Ireland
  8. Resilient and Successful Actuaries of the Future (or ‘How to Lift your Head above the Parapet’), Lesley Traverso, Jules Gribble I actuview
  9. The Entrepreneurial Sports Actuary: John Dewan, John Dewan I Society of Actuaries in Ireland
  10. Imposter syndrome – Apsišaukėlio sindromas, Alvyda Tamulevičienė I Lietuvos Aktuarų Draugija

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