Implications of Covid on Our Industry: Three Perspectives

Implications of Covid on Our Industry: Three Perspectives

uploaded September 29, 2022




Speakers:Adela Osman,Jared Godwin,Richard Russell


The impacts of COVID on medium to long-term mortality and morbidity trends are yet to be fully realized but the effects of the pandemic on our industry are wide-ranging – please join us in this session to hear: A medical perspective: the medical implications of the pandemic are far wider than just the direct consequences of suffering from the disease and its complications. Health care facilities have been overwhelmed leading to delays detection of diseases and poor compliance to existing treatment regimens, which will adversely impact disease outcomes. This, coupled with the psychological impacts of the pandemic are likely to be top of mind for the medical fraternity for years to come. A data science perspective: learn how RGA has translated the vast seas of COVID studies and data into critical modelling assumptions. A business development perspective: the pandemic has had some immediate and longer term impacts on the market in terms of product development, sales and distribution channels. These are driven by many factors, not least of which are the actual and expected claims trends, realization of the need for protection given recency bias, and access to life insurers’ products in a way the customer wants to interact, respectively. The life insurance world is rapidly changing and life insurers need to adapt quickly to that change.